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I want to be an Arc Friendly Business!

    About The Arc Friendly Action

    The Arc Friendly Action brings an opportunity for Tampa Bay businesses to increase their awareness and social consciousness on issues surrounding people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We expect a member of The Arc Friendly will participate by:

    • Fostering a culture of inclusiveness for people with I/DD in all internal and external relationships
    • Appointing a Company Champion who will be supported by The Arc Tampa Bay Foundation and will:
      • Act as a liaison between The Arc and your business
      • Bring topics back to company employees that are important to the I/DD community
      • Make volunteer opportunities known to co-workers
      • Attend quarterly Collaboration of Champions meetings
    • Elevating involvement and respect of people with I/DD by promoting People First Language
    • Learning the benefits of inclusive hiring
    • Staying informed of issues facing The Arc and those we serve
    • Promoting Volunteerism and social awareness to its employees
    • Believing in the mission of The Arc Tampa Bay to support and empower people with I/DD

    This program is designed to raise social awareness of the I/DD community and we look forward to recognizing the progressive thought leaders in the community who elevates those with I/DD.

    For Company Champions

    Activity Map For Company Champions

    The Company We Keep

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